You Told Your Kids That Santa Was Watching...Now PROVE iT!
Personalized Videos From Santa Claus!
LIMITED TIME ONLY: Order a customized Video for  the Children in your life! Santa will let them know that he's been watching!  Perfect for friends, family and coworkers as well.   Prices start at only $29.00   $19!!
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Santa knows if you've been good or bad and...
He Wants To Talk To You About It!
Imagine showing your children a video where Santa is speaking directly to them - he knows their names, he already knows what they want for Christmas.  What if Santa takes it one step further, and congratulates them on having a great score on the Math test?  Or if Santa reminds your son to be nicer to his sister...and can actually give an example of when he wasn't very nice?  The possibilities are endless, as Santa will happily deliver whatever messages need to be delivered to your child as we get closer and closer to Christmas!

Wanna Have a little more fun with it?  Have Santa tell your coworker to stop making a mess in the breakroom.  Have Santa tell your friend that the football team he loves is awful.  Santa will have a great time delivering a special message just for you!*
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* Santa Claus and reserve the right to refuse certain submissions should content be deemed offensive or otherwise inappropriate.  A full refund will be provided.  While Santa is more than willing to have some fun here, he's definitely more NICE than NAUGHTY. 
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